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You may question if real love, companionship, and romance are in the cards for you, or you may have you experienced heartache or loss that makes you think you’ve missed your chance. Or maybe, love just simply hasn’t happened for you yet. If you are left wondering what you are missing, or why it is so easy for everyone else, this course is for you. It is possible to enjoy the journey of finding love — to be able to proceed without fear, frustration, or limiting beliefs. You can enter a new partnership without bringing baggage from the past while being in the present moment and full of hope and possibility. This is true freedom, emotional freedom, and is quite attractive. It allows you to present the real beautiful YOU to a potential partner, the pure love version of yourself free from anxiety or doubt. This self-love and confidence is what will bring massive amounts of love and partnership into your life.

Tapping (EFT) Psychological Acupressure for Transformation w/a Twist!

I have collected together a set of EFT-based products that you can use for doing healing work on your own. Given the power of EFT, this can be a very cost effective approach to healing as compared to paying for individual sessions. These are short and sweet newsletters with practical, easy-to-digest ways to use EFT to enhance your life.

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To do this, you’ll learn how to use the incredible tool called EFT (Emotional of self-sabotage around love (resistance to dating, attachment to past lovers.

And it’s not that I don’t agree on principle, I’ve got too many wonderful male friends who are over 30, growing their careers and taking their time finding love on purpose. They’re not selfish Personally, I think men But you really can learn to clear out the stuck energy both from past pain and unsupportive beliefs to create a wonderful experience of dating joy Read on to learn about just one client’s experience Rachel’s Story :.

As it turned out, she was truly happy with her choice of career, but lately the pain of not having found true love was tainting everything in her life. She was sure he had truly loved her and wanted all the things they spoke about having together. She was calm, but sad. Rachel — like so very many of my female clients looking for love, only wanted to help heal them, or so she thought.

Rachel found that while she had enjoyed a few loving relationships for the moment, she had always jumped the gun with her feelings telling herself this one or that really wanted to create a life with her, when his actions had always shown otherwise. We cleared such things as:. Clearly some of these issues are really painful and although Rachel had watched her career issues collapse quickly and easily, she was still surprised to find how easily and quickly some of this long-held and deep pain, as well as the underlying beliefs just melted away.

EFT for Romantic Relationships

During sessions I use EFT Tapping to help clients to eliminate any disappointment, confusion, nervousness or frustration that they feel when dating. I also help clients to go deeper so that they can:. Will help you to know how to think the right way when dating, so that you can date happily, confidently, wisely and successfully. Will enable you to know how men think so that you can avoid losing a good man and also identify and avoid the time wasters and heartbreakers. Will help you to build your self esteem, so that you know that you are a high value woman so that you will make good dating choices.

Tapping (EFT) Psychological Acupressure for Transformation w/a Twist!EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional Dating and Relationships- A New Paradigm.

Out of all the attractive women at the party, Robert sees Rebecca and something in him really lights up! Now, he’s trying to get up his nerve to go over and talk with her, and he’s starting to sweat a little Let’s back up a minute. This story is about a caring man who would love to meet his soulmate, get married and start a family.

Robert is not just anxious that she might not return his interest While Robert is debating what to do and how to approach her, Rebecca suddenly looks over her shoulder right at him! Do you think he feels encouraged or discouraged, more likely or less likely to go talk with her now? Would Robert feel encouraged or discouraged, more likely or less likely to approach her now? What do you think will happen? This whole story has all been about the fear of rejection for both Robert and Rebecca in the different scenarios and the impact it makes on the outcome of their story.

When a man sees a woman that he finds very attractive, it’s often up to him to take the initiative and go over and try to start a conversation. You see, for most men, their greatest fear in this situation is not just that they will be rejected

8 Ways To Use The Emotional Freedom Technique To Find A GREAT Relationship

We can tap out all the negative moments from the past that happened when we were in different relationships. The human mind usually never forgets bad things. For example, if we were in a bad relationship with a girl, we carry that pain with us for all of our lives. That pain is there, in our minds, constantly reminding us that, for example, dating is dangerous, and committing to a serious relationship can be a disaster. It is like all those bad things never happened.

Information on Silvia Hartmann’s book Love EFT: Tapping Positive EFT for Dating​, Love & Relationships.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a tapping technique that is used by tapping on certain meridian points on the body to help with physical, emotional and performance issues. It is often grouped under the umbrella of energy psychology. Callahan discovered that by stimulating pressure points resulted in a psychological relief for his client.

The result was Thought Field Therapy. EFT Tapping technique works on its discovery statement that “Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system”. To clear these disruptions, the EFT tapping technique focuses on the problem and taps on certain meridian points on the body. By doing this, the intensity of the issue or condition is reduced or completely alleviated. Celebrities such as Lily Allen have come out in the media saying they have used EFT to help with her chocolate addiction.

Now as a result, EFT is becoming more mainstream. If you would like to experience what the EFT tapping technique can do for you, contact me today to book a session. Unlike traditional therapies Faster EFT can help shift addictions, physical pain, depression, anxiety, fears and phobias in hours rather than weeks or months.

To make a change in your life, contact us today to book a session. Below is a video testimonial from a resident at Habilitat that I worked with over a 6 month period on his Alcohol and Cocaine addiction.

Do You Have Trust Issues? Must Read This!

Posted by Sandy Weiner in breaking up with grace , love after 40 0 comments. Joe Vitale, and has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk shows. Brad also has over popular videos on YouTube. Yesterday, he shared some great tips for tapping into new love by healing from past relationships. What is the relationship between our emotions and the choices we make, and how can EFT help people make better choices and achieve better results?

The 3 Best Ways to Meet Single Men and Women (Where to Meet Singles) – EFT Love Talk Q&A Show. FREE Mini-Course: The 3 Secrets to Attracting Amazing.

Marni welcomes Jessica into the Den to present self-care tools and techniques to help with pre and post dating anxiety and to increase overall wellbeing. In her new book, The Tapping Solution to Create Lasting Change, Jessica shares her insights and the personal experiences that allowed her to get unstuck and find her flow. When it comes to dating, if you feel anxious, you set yourself up for disaster. You may even have a physical response, like a knot in your body or pressure in your chest.

Jessica uses EFT tapping to help with the anxiety she had around dating and relationships. Tapping is stress relief based on tapping on pressure points in the body. To show up as your best self.

EFT for the complexities of a single, dating life

Written by Alina Frank. In my opinion and experience, EFT is hands-down the most effective tool to break ancient patterns of behavior. Triggers for emotional pain often lie beyond what one is experiencing in the present moment. The level of intensity surrounding an incident in the present is in direct proportion to the way it is linked to the past — and nowhere is this more obvious than in the area of romantic relationships.

Juli Vinik, M. The system that students learn is based on a model to ensure a good, long lasting choice in a mate.

EFT Tapping for “Fears about Putting my real age on my dating profile”.

George and I had dated a few times I was He seemed very loving and tender, always expressing his love for me. No one had ever loved me before. It was quite a new phenomenon for me. This night he said he loved me and wanted to marry me over and over again, but as he said these things he was pushing me down against the seat tugging at my clothes. My head was almost to the floor and I remember feeling the pedals. He did his dirty deed. I never saw him again. I was alone.

There was no one to help me. Love had come into my life briefly, and love hurt.

Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health

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In simplest terms, EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except that we don’t use needles. Instead, we tap with the fingertips on certain meridian points while.

We hate Spam! Love can be both a hormone-inducing, mind-altering, heart-racing feeling as well as a solid, stable, easy, comfortable knowing that you are with the right person. This type of earthmate-soulmate relationship comes in many forms. Interestingly enough, contrary to our cultural myths, shared interests and hobbies really have little to do with it.

How many times have you seen opposites attract? In this elevated type of coupling there is a mutual respect for the other and a desire to see this other person feel fulfilled as well. There is also a super-resiliency that these couples exhibit that researchers like Dr. John Gottman have written about. Most people would say that true love is always eternal.

The most important part of the process should be in discerning any detectable repetitive pattern in the people you choose. Often when there is, then the roots of the attraction were likely subconscious and begun as a way to resolve old baggage from your family of origin. Being in relationships without passion.

Date Rape Trauma Cleared with EFT

Is it time to raise your standards? This article and these EFT tapping videos are about raising your standards in dating, relationships, and life in general. When we are not feeling very good about ourselves, we tend to start accepting outcomes and behavior that are not what we really want. An example would be what was happening with my business back in and

Here, we discuss the uses and effectiveness of EFT tapping and provide However, the research to date is limited, and some of the studies are.

A bespoke 2 month coaching programme with Vicki as your wing woman. As a love coach and former dating expert for Match. Not to mention how exhausting and time-consuming it is. And I get it. I know how hard it can be. The nerves, the not-knowing, the ghosting and the disappointments can make the whole thing feel like an incredibly lonely process of endless swiping and uninspiring drinks.. Imagine if you had your very own love coach and wing woman holding your hand and guiding you through the dating journey?

What if you could learn tools and techniques to help you to manage dating fears and dating freak outs? What if you could discover ways to actually enjoy dating and make it fun? We will focus the sessions on different stages of the dating journey and there will be homework assignments for you to do in between, including dating projects and dating challenges to get you to gently step out of your comfort zone and flex that dating muscle and practices that encourage self love so that you are keeping the love topped up throughout!

EFT is a powerful self-help technique that is used to release negative emotions like anxiety and fear.. By tapping on these different energy meridians while emoting about our fears, our anxieties and our limiting beliefs the ones that can sabotage our love lives , we allow ourselves to release those fears and basically get out of our own way!

Get clear on the kind of relationship you really want Learn how to get into the right mindset for success with dating.

Dating Mistake: The “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” Trap – EFT Love Talk Q&A Show