Game News: PS4’s free DriveClub DLC, Halo fix date set, AC: Unity Xbox One patch inbound

Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo’s Terms and Privacy Policy. What exactly the next patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity will fix hasn’t been finalized yet, but Ubisoft says it will “dramatically improve your experience. Part of what we want to do at this point is balance the competing desires to get as much as we can into the patch with getting it out quickly,” the Live updates team wrote on the game’s official page. This next patch won’t solve every problem, but we’re expecting that it will dramatically improve your experience. Among the areas the patch is focusing are fixes to gameplay bugs that have Arno getting stuck in weird places, AI and crowd animation and navigation issues, matchmaking and connectivity, menus and HUD problems and general stability issues. The team writes that they are also investigating various performance issues including framerate drops. The team also rolled out an update to the Companion App which fixes an issue that caused progression to be reset and fixed the “lost assassin” bug for new and existing players.

Assassin’s creed unity matchmaking problems

Ever since the much-anticipated RPG Assassin’s Creed; Unity was launched last week, its developer, Ubisoft, has been bombarded with intense criticisms from fans for the game’s “horrid” and often times “hilarious” glitches. Answering the call, the company released a statement saying that they are continually committed to improving the game’s performance and graphics. Just recently, Ubisoft announced the Assassin’s Creed: Unity Patch Three that will introduce more gameplay bug fixes, matchmaking, non-playable character bugs, stability and more, according to the Assassinscreed.

It is currently finalized and readied for Xbox One. The second update is set to address Arno’s ground free fall, co-op session crashes, main menu delays and more others. We’ll tell you more about our progress on that topic in the coming days,” Ubisoft’s blog page said.

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Thankfully, Ubisoft Montreal managed to pack more than a few marquee moments into what has to have been one of the action-packed lives led by any something during the French Revolution. By the end of Unity , Arno feels like a blank slate still awaiting input from an outside party, but the game never gives players a chance to make their own impression on what I found to be the least-interesting environment in the series.

Even most of the missions follow the same incredibly tedious formula employed for most aspects of the ACU single-player campaign. No problem. But the 30 thousand-plus Livres needed to complete renovations on your base will only get you halfway there. Rather than fend for myself, I backed out of the mission and tried again, only to find myself sitting in yet another empty server. Assassin’s Creed Unity is finally available at your favorite retail and digital storefronts but the more-heavily promoted of this year’s two Assassin’s Creed games falls woefully short of our expectations.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity – Free game, free DLC and latest patch info

With these specifications, ubisoft outlines the game and assassin’s creed unity emails. Before you play as detailed on the patch 3 for assassin’s creed: connectivity, where you are trying to enable your work, and its launch. In the public unity can check out later this article on the big performance patch will address problems with a lot. Implementing a new game like matchmaking, release dates. Call of issues in, unity patch 4, see official vorpx game chose to jump into multiplayer which would then bring back the problems, but.

Among the problems listed for all platforms are frame rate issues, graphical and collision issues, matchmaking issues, matchmaking problems.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Third Patch News: Ubisoft Details Fixes

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Assassin Creed Unity’s fourth major patch delayed. like stability and performance and will improve the online matchmaking and connectivity.

Whilst the series has had its ups and downs since , the main core mechanics of the franchise have always provided fans with thrilling adventures of a high production value. But every core needs to be changed up once in a while, and Unity seemingly is doing exactly this, whilst refining mechanics that have been problematic or non-existent in past instalments. To answer those questions, we first have to look back at what came before.

The franchise started out a little bit rough around the edges, and whilst the first game was praised in many ways, the repetitiveness and technological issues brought the game down a few steps from what it initially aspired to be. What comes next would be a black mark on the franchise for many, and is easily the most problematically title in the franchise development-wise. Post-release many players ridiculed the title with a lacklustre storyline and a disappointing ending to events that were set up in the previous titles.

With a drawn-out narrative that features one of the longest prologues in the franchise and gameplay elements that were promised to be revamped that were still seemingly identical to its predecessors. The title did have redeeming factors, and its Wolfpack and naval combat scenarios would be great additions to the franchise. Combat, traversal and such were still seemingly identical to the previous titles, but a large part of the game is spent practicing naval combat and traversal, which would provide the franchise with some much-needed variation that was praised by many gamers and press-members alike.

Arguably Black Flag is the most diverse title in the franchise so far, and whilst many players longed for a more traditional AC experience the game provided a much needed breather from the traditional formula. This might be a tough question to answer.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4 mishap results in 40GB download for Xbox One

If you play Assassin’s Creed Unity , then you may want to set up a port forward to boost your experience. There are many reasons to set up a port forward for Assassin’s Creed Unity, for instance:. Click one of the sections below to get your port forwarded now. Following that you should forward the standard Xbox Live port of

Ubisoft says AC Unity’s ‘no face’ bug should now be fixed across the platforms with matchmaking, gameplay, connectivity and the HUD. AC.

New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Ubisoft has released the fourth patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity, although an issue has come up for Xbox One owners of the game. The patch weighs in at a hefty 6. Ubisoft has supplied the full patch notes for its fourth major patch, which you can check out at the end of this story. Ubisoft reports an issue with the patch downloading process has resulted in the entire game being replaced instead of just the parts that are affected by the patch.

Ubisoft is working with Microsoft at this moment in order to find a solution to this issue, although it doesn’t have an ETA as to when a fix will be implemented.


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This new patch addresses just about everything you can think of, from the game’s performance in singleplayer to multiplayer matchmaking and.

Ubisoft announced Wednesday that it will be offering the upcoming ‘Dead Kings’ expansion as a free gift to all players in an effort to apologise for Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s rocky launch which was “diminished by bugs and unexpected technical issues. These problems took away from your enjoyment of the game, and kept many of you from experiencing the game at its fullest potential,” Ubisoft Montreal boss Yannis Mallat wrote in a blog post. In a bid to appease upset players, the publisher is giving away the DLC, which was previously going to be included in the game’s DLC season pass , for free to anyone who purchased the game.

Players who have already purchased the pass or the Gold Edition of Unity will also receive a free game from Ubisoft. However, there’s no word on whether the company will also be offering refunds to season pass purchasers. Hopefully this offer is enough to make up for the frustration and anger felt by early adopters of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Full details on how to claim the free game will be published soon, and Ubisoft added that the Dead Kings expansion, a story campaign set after the events of the main game, will also be “coming soon.

You can find all the patch notes here. Bloomberg says there will be a raft of updated game releases to help promote it too. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Click to find out more. You are here:.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Third Patch News: Ubisoft Details Fixes

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French publisher Ubisoft is on its home turf with Assassin’s Creed Unity. With a sprawling recreation of 18th Century Paris to explore, the game.

After Ubisoft issued a second patch for Assassin’s Creed: Unity late last week, the publisher gave a glimpse of the next update for the game, which is expected to fix more of its technical issues. The third update will be “larger in scope” compared to the previous two, patching bugs “like Arno getting stuck on certain areas of the map,” and issues with getting in and out of cover.

AI and crowd behavior will be tuned in the coming update as well as co-op multiplayer matchmaking and connectivity problems. Ubisoft also expects to fix situations where the game crashes for players, missing menu items and HUD pop-up errors as well as some of the game’s performance issues, such as framerate drops.

While Ubisoft said the patch will “dramatically improve” the experience for Unity players, it noted that “this next patch won’t solve every problem. Buyer’s Guide. Log in. Sign up. Ubisoft details third Assassin’s Creed: Unity patch. Latest in Gaming.

FIXED Co-op Matchmaking Connection Fails

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Fight to preserve that which inspires hope, and you will win back your people. Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Assassin’s Creed Embers. On a meta level, the Maxim​.

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to take a look at Assassin’s Creed Unity, Ubisoft’s grand new beginning in its best-selling franchise. Together, ten internal Ubisoft studios have stripped the Assassin’s Creed experience down to its core and rebuilt it for a new generation of consoles. You’ve already read my preview of the game or watched my preview video , highlighting a few of the systems that have changed in the latest Assassin’s Creed.

I also had a chance to sit down with Unity creative director Alex Amancio. Amancio offered some insights into game’s development decisions, providing a clearer picture as to why some of Assassin’s Creed’s familiar mechanics have been changed or reinforced. Seamless integrated online was part of that. Assassin’s Creed started back in and it really re-defined the genre of action-adventure.

Ubisoft offers full list of known Assassin’s Creed Unity bugs

Great news for anyone looking to continue their Unity experience into the new year. And lastly, the third patch for Unity is now live and brings with it over fixes, the most notable of which are as follows:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Unity network manager hud. Also, learn how to alter the UI manager class to prepare to – [Voiceover] Now that we’ve created all…the UI elements for our HUD…we need to update the values to match the game. This is the easiest way to understand and use multiplayer Do you want to create online worlds like MineCraft or Clash of Clan Unity Multiplayer is available to all Unity customers for development purposes at no additional charge.

Unity 5 has become the leading platform for building virtual reality games, applications and experiences for this new generation of consumer VR devices. The HUD means that newcomers can find application functionality with a quick search and more advanced users can use the HUD to quickly run menu commands from the keyboard. Using a practical and project-based approach, this book will educate you about the specifics of virtual reality development in Unity. So I just tossed out a ton of deprecated Unity 4 networking code and replaced it with Unity 5 code, and I wanted to share it with you guys because the documentation on the official Unity site is a little lacking.

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